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"INTRA LU MUNNU...a pleasant and exciting album and also a milestone of a promising career of a young singer with a beautiful voice."
Radnai Rudolf  - Hungarian Instrument Page Portal



PASSION. This entire album is about PASSION. Passion for life, for all the things that make us wake up in the morning, for every little thing we do, for the people that we love, for our deepest dreams, for every second we live, passion in our feelings. Passion is what moves us, passion is what make us moving mountains and oceans… Passion is the biggest source of energy and strength we can have.



INTRA LU MUNNU is the name of Sissy's first work as solo artist, entirely signed under her name as singer and composer. It means  “INSIDE THE WORLD”. A collection of 9 original compositions entirely sung in Sicilian dialect, with the addition of a song from the Sicilian tradition. Mediterranean, Jazz and World Music, with a touch of classical and African influences, all blended into Sicilian lyrics, rhythms and old Sicilian Folk traditions. INTRA LU MUNNU’ s musicians come from every part of the world, bringing all their musical colors and beautiful energies into this music: Italy, Palestine, Argentina, Uruguay, Finland, Sweden, Balkans, Israel, Turkey.  The album features Christiane Karam & the Pletenitsa Balkan Choir (track 5: Intra Lu Munnu).

INTRA LU MUNNU available at stores!

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