Produced by Sissy Castrogiovanni, Co-produced by Nando Michelin
Recorded Jan 27th 2013 at Wellspring Sound, Acton MA, USA
Mixed by Javier G.F.Escudero for Cubex Studio. Track 10 by Lewis Pickett
Masterd by Jonathan Wyner for M Works Studios, Cambridge MA, USA
Copyrights © Sissy Castrogiovanni and UWSAA Records 2013
All rights reserved. Made in USA

All music and lyrics by Sissy Castrogiovanni


I me frati (A. Pandolfini)
Mi votu e mi rivotu (Unknown, Sicilian traditional)
Annuzza (F. Chopin, Lyrics Sissy Castrogiovanni)

Arrangments by Sissy Castrogiovanni, Nando Michelin, Renato Milone
Strings arrangments track 7, 10 by Nando Michelin
In track 5 Balkan Choir arranged and recorded by Christiane Karam


Sissy Castrogiovanni (voice) all tracks

Nando Michelin (piano)  all tracks
Bruno Raberg (acoustic bass)
Franco Pinna (drums)
Tareq Rantisi (percussion)
on all tracks but 4, 9, 10
Lihi Haruvi (sax soprano) on 1, 2, 3, 6, 8
Jussi Reijonen (oud, guitars) on 3, 5, 6, 7
Naseem Alatrash (cello) on 5, 7, 10
Juan Perez Rodriguez (Cajon) on 5


Balkan Choir on 5:
C.Karam, L.Gari, I.Dudukina, G.Lencka,
R.Quinones, I.Udroiu, E.Villalba, M.Robodanskyii


Choir on 1, 8, 9:
Stefania Patanè, Burcu Gulec,
Monica Cialona, Christiane Karam,
Juana Aquerreta, Giacomo Lamparelli,
Francisco Ruiz, Giorgia Renosto (also voce intro on 8),


Sung Deep A Cappella ensemble:
Joey Blake, Stefano Marchese,
Patricia Moreno, Tracey Robertson, Lucia Sentirenla


Design by Sissy Castrogiovanni. photos by Pamela Hersch.

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