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Sissy Castrogiovanni is a Sicilian jazz award-winning singer, composer, producer and Berklee College of Music professor. Based in New England, and musically rooted in her native island Sicily, her arrangements and compositions are an attractive synthesis of musical cultures. Sissy’s music is an amalgamation of her Sicilian and Mediterranean influences, earthy African rhythms, tribal voices and post-bop Jazz harmonies. With her unique way of bridging contemporary Jazz with Sicilian idioms, Sissy’s music finds its niche between the vast sea of jazz and world music.


Sissy has toured throughout Europe, the United States and South America, and has collaborated with numerous distinguished musicians including legendary singer Bobby McFerrin and Latin-Grammy winning producer Javier Limon. In addition she has excelled in performance with Jack DeJohnette, and Patrice Rushen, to name a few. 


With her expressive and emotional voice that’s been praised for its rare vocal extension, vocal control, and versatility by influential publications such as Jazziz Magazine, WNPR and Downbeat Magazine, Castrogiovanni’s soulful and powerful sound lets us discover a new universe, where her extremely rich melodies become soundscapes that transport us immediately into a world full of life and art.



Performance Reviews

• Panama Jazz Festival

• Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

• Jazz en Lima Festival


• Carnegie Hall (with Bobby McFerrin)

• The Music Hall  (with Bobby McFerrin)

• The RegattaBar

• European Parliament 

• 55 Bar

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JAZZIZ MAGAZINE: Italian vocalist Sissy Castrogiovanni sparked in her Panama Jazz Festival debut performance. 

"Vivacious Sicilian chanteuse Sissy Castrogiovanni impressed an SRO audience with her mastery [..] Castrogiovanni floated effortlessly through octave-jumping scatting and vocalese forays. Her version of Chopin’s majestic Nocturne in Eb Major, demonstrated the singer’s emotional range and precise sense of pitch"

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DOWNBEAT: Dominican Republic Jazz Festival Looks to Foster the Future

"The audience was thrilled by [...] smoothly rendered workouts of Mediterranean-inspired sounds led by bluesy vocalist Sissy Castrogiovanni.." 


EL PAIS, El Limonero: Sissy Castrogiovanni

“Sissy is the voice and the image of Sicily. A superb singer who's precious music immediately transports us to the streets and fields of some southern people full of life and art. Something very different, worthy of the utmost attention.”


7 times Grammy Award winning Javier Limon

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WNPR: Jazz gets happily hitched by to lyrics sung enticingly and beautifully in Sicilian dialect by the young, sensational, Sicilian-born Sissy Castrogiovanni

"Castrogiovanni exhibits her expansive, gorgeous voice with melodic, soulful songs sung entirely in Sicilian dialect. International beauty full of charm and dynamic personality, the Sicilian diva could probably sing her songs in Esperanto and they'd still sound soulful and dramatic" 


'Nsonna (Official Music Video)

Premiered on JAZZIZ Magazine's New Music Monday

GANDALF, Wayfaring Stranger (Official Music Video)

• LINK to "Gandalf" video:




JAZZIZ MAGAZINE, New Music Monday: Sissy Castrogiovanni - 'Nsonna [Video Premiere]

On this original composition dedicated to her son, Sissy encourages to never stop dreaming. Featuring sublime a string arrangement by Tim Ray, “‘Nsonna” is accompanied by a video that represents the singer/songwriter’s family life-long tradition at her ocean-view place in Sicily of “connecting with the sea at sunrise, while sipping a cup of coffee and letting flow thoughts and imagination.” That's how 'Nsonna was born.


THE JAZZ OWL: Sissy Castrogiovanni sings of life and love on TERRA

"Sissy Castrogiovanni’s Terra is a description of, and a prescription for, life in harmony—harmony with the world, the human family, and ourselves. The compositions and arrangements are remarkable and the performances are stellar. The album is more than a CD, it is a philosophical-spiritual treatise."


JAZZQUAD: Sissy Castrogiovanni - TERRA

Bright as a rainbow and colorful as a fair whirl - this is the sound of Terra. And above and in it reigns the strong, expressive and emotional voice of Sissy Castrogiovanni herself.



It may have been John Coltrane who once said, “You don’t have to understand it, you just have to feel It.” Whether we understand Sissy or not, it’s impossible to not feel her passion. Her talent is off the charts too.


MUSICALMEMOIRS: A variety of distinctive vocals on disc

Sissy Castrogiovanni is a strong singer-songwriter, her voice is crystal clear and pleasing as it floats above contemporary jazz harmonies and African and Mediterranean rhythms.  Her emotional delivery is precise and lovely.  

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BROADWAY WORLD MUSIC: Jorge Pérez-Albela Releases New Album Featuring Singer Sissy Castrogiovanni

The impressive "Terra" showcases Castrogiovanni's lofty vocals, sung in her native Sicilian dialect. She once again impresses on "The Time is Now", with her feature on "The Mirror" a high point.

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JAZZIZ: New Music Monday

Drummer/percussionist/educator Jorge Perez-Albela released his new album, The Time Is Now, on July 10, featuring Sissy Castrogiovanni on vocals. It marks his first foray as a bandleader and includes ten tracks, each of which reflects an array of musical traditions tied together by a jazz sensibility. About “Shining Star,” Perez-Albela says that he incorporated elements from Brazil and Peru, with the aim to “deliver a powerful message of empathy, encouragement and unity.”

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JAZZQUAD: Jorge Perez-Albela,  THE TIME IS NOW

Sissy Castrogiovanni will have to give the lion's share of the potential success of the album. Here she sings her husband's compositions, sings in Spanish, and she does it so well that you cannot determine on any scales what is more - skill or feeling. Bravo, Sissi and, of course, congratulations to Jorge for his impressive phonographic debut as leader.


THE JAZZ OWL: "The Time Is Now" feat. Sissy Castrogiovanni 

"Sissy’s vocals are as emotional and meaningful as one could ever hope. She is amazing in her range and reach and richness. She does not disappoint in any regard.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Sissy’s Terra and Jorge’s The Time is Now back to back and over and over.
You’re welcome."


JAZZ WEEKLY: BELLA! Sissy Castrogiovanni: Terra.

 A unique style and delivery, melded with creative melodies and festive themes. 


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