"Sissy is definitely one of those people that when you hear her voice you feel like are angels around you, singing to you. She is one of those angels."


Grammy and Latin Grammy Award multi nomenee Gabo Lugo

“Sissy is the voice and the image of Sicily, her songs are starting a new era for Sicilian popular music. Thanks to her, we can discover a new universe within traditional Sicilian music, extremely rich and powerful melodies and soundscapes, that transport us immediately to this island’s streets and fields full of life and art, something very different, worthy of the utmost attention.”


                                           7 times Grammy Award winning Javier Limon, El Pais (Spain)

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NEW RELEASE: Sissy Castrogiovanni’s “TERRA” is out on Mother’s Day, 5/10/20


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"Sissy has something that is very unique [...] - She has the gift to make you feel emotions that perhaps you never thought you could feel."

Victor Mendoza, Director Contemporary Studio Performance, Berklee Valencia.

"INTRA LU MUNNU...a pleasant and exciting album and also a milestone of a promising career of a young singer with a beautiful voice."

Radnai Rudolf

Hungarian Instrument Page Portal

"What I love about Sicilian jazz singer Sissy Castrogiovanni’s music is that it brings together different cultures seamlessly and with care.  You can hear their distinct qualities yet they fit well together similar to a well-made tapestry or tasty fusion cuisine."

Will Smith

Producer, Musician, Composer

JAZZIZ Magazine

"Italian vocalist Sissy Castrogiovanni sparked in her Panama Jazz Festival debut performance.... "


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"RE: Dominican Republic Jazz Festival

The audience was thrilled by [...] smoothly rendered workouts of Mediterranean-inspired sounds led by bluesy vocalist Sissy Castrogiovanni.."


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"Hoy los ritmos peruanos, sicilianos, afro, el jazz y el bel canto logran un sonido muy especial"


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"Jazz gets happily hitched to lyrics sung enticingly and beautifully in Sicilian dialect by the young, sensational, Sicilian-born Sissy Castrogiovanni..."


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"A veces uno encuentra en ciertos lugares exáctamente lo contrario a lo que esperaba, y algunas personas te dan exactamente lo contrario a lo que esperabas recibir de ellas. A mi personalmente me encanta cuando esto ocurre porque sin la sorpresa la vida del arte y el arte de vivir no tienen demasiado sentido. Es el caso de Sissy Castrogiovanni."

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"..Many worlds, inside the songs, crossing the Sicilian roots.."


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"What I love about Sicilian jazz singer Sissy Castrogiovanni’s music is that it brings together different cultures seamlessly and with care[...]Her compositional skills are very apparent given that this piece is an original"


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"a pleasant and exciting album and also a milestone of a promising career of a young singer with a beautiful voice."


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La passione per il canto, la naturale attitudine. E un pizzico di follia. Tanti ingredienti frullati caratterizzano Sissy Castrogiovanni, catanese verace e solare. Testarda, appassionata e soprattutto innamorata. Già, della musica.


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La storia di Sissy. da Catania a Boston per studiare canto al Berklee College.

"canto da quando avevo 5 anni, ma di nascosto, da autodidatta. Quindi mio padre, pianista, non immaginava..."

"cantavo solo quando i miei uscivano di casa, ascoltavo i dischi e li risuonavo alla tastiera di mio padre, cantando da sola. loro rientravano e io smettevo." comincia così il racconto di Sissy.

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Oggi la mia musica e’ un mix di jazz, musica siciliana e altre influenze mediterranee… tutto si mescola perfettamente, dando la migliore espressione di me. Ed è questo ciò che sto cercando di esprimere nell’album al quale sto lavorando attualmente.


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Nando Michelin and Sissy Castrogiovanni join forces to celebrate both Nando's CD "Reencontro" featuring Esperanza Spalding, being released as a special edition in Japan, and Sissy’s debut CD release "Intra lu munnu."


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watch the interview


Solare, passionale e testarda questo è Sissy Castrogiovanni, promettente musicista che ama l’azzurro mare di Aci Trezza.

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Sissy Castrogiovanni was born in Catania, but is considered a citizen of the world! She has Sicilian blood in her veins but an international flare in her voice.

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Sissy has managed to balance her music career with lessons she learned during hard workout sessions. She claims that pushing beyond your limit while exercising helps you gain insight as to how you can channel that same determination into practicing, studying, and final exams.

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..una voce che prescinde dall'ordinario. Contagia tutti, anche gli auditori piu' scettici. Una combinazione magica di impegno, di costanza, di tenacia, di passione, e di tanta inimitabile sicilianeità. Questa è Sissy Castrogiovanni...


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Roberta Spinelli, Moira Lo Bianco e Sissy Castrogiovanni che, attraverso il connubio di parole, melodie e musica, hanno accompagnato il pubblico lungo un viaggio che dal cuore di Vibo ha unito Calabria, Sicilia e Abruzzo.


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